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Fashionable analyzes as a way to "honestly take money"

There is one more fashionable now (and not cheap) little thing - the "test for immune status", which is often sent to complaining about "reduced immunity." According to an allergist-immunologist Professor Yuri Smolkin:

- “Test” can be for pregnancy or for a specific allergen. One test for immune status is not possible. And not needed. It makes sense to determine the immune status in patients with suspected severe violations in the immune regulation - with primary immunodeficiencies.

All other cases of a general definition of immune status with a large number of indicators are not advisable and are one way to get money from the population. And then such figures begin to "treat the analysis."

A competent doctor prescribes accurate studies of specific indicators, suggesting a particular violation.

In a good half of often sick children, for example, the problem of persistent colds is not in “bad” immunity, but in an unrecognized allergy. To find out, it is enough to take a blood test for immunoglobulin E and make skin tests.

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