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Well, how dangerous is COVID-19?

Depends on a number of factors, in particular - age and state of human immunity. Reports show that older people die most often from coronavirus. For people over 80, the probability of death is 15%. In addition, people with asthma, diabetes, and heart disease are at increased risk.

In general, at the moment there are almost 15 times more people who have recovered from coronavirus than those who died: according to data as of March 12, 2020, over 68 thousand people recovered from the disease, and the number of deaths is 4 638 people.

One of the main dangers of COVID-19 coronavirus is a long incubation period, from two to 14 days after infection - in other words, the symptoms of the disease may not appear for a two-week period, and apparently a healthy person can infect other people during this period.

So, coronavirus infection can affect two-thirds of the world's population, according to one of the consultants of the World Health Organization.

March 11, the spread of coronavirus in WHO was first called a pandemic. The most infected - about 90% - are in four countries: China, Italy, Iran and South Korea. Coronavirus was not found in 81 countries, and in 57 countries, ten or less cases of infection were registered.

In Ukraine, the only confirmed case of coronavirus COVID-19 has been registered so far - in a man who has returned from Italy, he is now under medical supervision.

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