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I think I got a coronavirus. What should I do?

I think I got a coronavirus. What should I do?
Only without panic. Call your doctor and let him know that you admit the possibility of infection. Follow his instructions and limit contact with other people.

The doctor may advise you to isolate yourself - such isolation involves staying at home for 14 days, that is, during the incubation period of the disease.

Here are the self-isolation guidelines that the UK National Health Service provides:

Stay at home and try not to be in the same room with other people at the same time;
Allow only those people with whom you live;
Ventilate the room regularly;
Ask family members or friends to help you with the delivery of food, medicine, or other necessities;
When ordering parcels over the Internet, warn couriers to leave them at the doorstep (this is necessary in order to prevent infection by an outsider);
Disinfect the toilet and bathroom regularly;
Try to set the order of visits to the restroom - so that an isolated person uses it last;
Use a personal towel and do not let others use it;


Thoroughly wash the dishes, you can use a dishwasher;
Avoid contact with pets. If this could not be avoided, be sure to wash your hands before and after contact;
Warn the employer that you will temporarily not attend work; consider the possibility of distance work;
If you feel bored, anxious or depressed, try to keep in touch with your relatives using social networks or telephone.

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