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Coronavirus MERS what is it?

This is a detachment of viruses that have pointed corollas in the form of a crown on the surface. These viruses are often found in the world, so many people are carriers and victims of coronaviruses. Typically, these viruses cause moderate to severe upper respiratory tract infections. There are cases when the coronavirus infects animals.

Many coronaviruses infect a particular animal species or group of related species. SARS coronavirus infects both humans and animals, especially raccoon and ordinary dogs, palm cimetins, monkeys, cats, and rodents. World organizations and medical laboratories such as the World Health Organization, as well as the Center for Disease Control and other government organizations, are working hard to study the MERS syndrome. There are private structures that study the behavior of the virus and its effect on various organisms.

The results of such studies will help establish risk factors for humanity and develop drugs and treatment regimens to combat the MERS virus. To protect yourself as much as possible from becoming infected with the virus, try not to travel to countries where outbreaks have been recorded.

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