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WHO has detected the almost simultaneous appearance of two non-standard MERS viruses

1) Avian influenza virus (H7N9);
2) Middle East Respiratory Coronavirus Syndrome (MERS CoV).
Recently, we have recorded the appearance of two completely different viruses with a high pathogenic effect and a rapid rate of exposure of the infected person. Both viruses have super-persistent potential regarding the process of their evolution and spread. The first outbreaks of the disease were noted in 2012, in the spring. Of the 44 laboratory-recorded cases, 22 were fatal. About 80% of the total number of cases are men aged 24 to 94 years.

MERS virus - epidemiology
Places of infection:
public (isolated cases);
medical facilities (both employees of medical organizations and patients);
family (household contacts with the infected);
Countries where coronavirus infects people while traveling
Great Britain;
Countries where the source of infection is not established
Saudi Arabia;
However, to date, the relationship between the individual cases of the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus is not clear, therefore, the study of infection routes continues.

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