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MERS coronavirus symptoms and treatment

All cases had standard symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections, occurring both in mild form and in the form of severe pneumonia. Atypical symptoms sometimes appeared. When it enters the body, MERS CoV develops rapidly and can lead to death in a few days.

To date, a vaccine has not yet been developed that guarantees a 100% recovery of the patient. WHO explains who is most susceptible to infection and points to the distinctive features of the virus. The organization notes a high level of virus viability during penetration and transmission from person to person. The virus causes significant harm to health and often threatens the life of the victim.

MEPC is at risk for people
with weak immunity;
diabetes mellitus;
chronic lung diseases;
renal failure.
At the moment, the world community is not able to fully repulse the virus and prevent an epidemic, if it occurs.

WHO puts forward requirements for MERS CoV and H7N9:
take protective measures and monitor public health;
regularly monitor the situation;
prepare all countries and provide them with effective drugs.
disseminate information about new outbreaks, the spread rate and success of treatment for diseases.
combine the efforts of scientists and medical institutions to ensure the safety of public health.
A trip to countries in which the MERS epidemic broke out
If you plan to visit countries in the Middle East or South Korea, then first of all, you must observe safety precautions and hygiene rules.

wash hands often with soap or disinfect with alcohol-containing wipes;
Do not touch your face;
avoid contact with patients;
avoid crowds.
MERS virus in South Korea
According to the WHO, more than 1,200 infected were recorded in the world, of which 449 have already died.

As of June 13, 10 people had died from the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in South Korea, and 3,800 people had received quarantine recommendations because of the risk of the disease.

To prevent the spread of the MERS virus among children, more than 2 thousand educational institutions have been closed.

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