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But where does the fatigue and pale look come from?

Professor Yuri Smolkin says that often the cause of weakness, lethargy, pallor, frequent colds is a smoldering focus of an untreated infection or a latent allergy, which, especially in young children, often lies behind incessant rhinitis and laryngitis.

Also, recent studies have shown that chronic fatigue syndrome in 50% of cases is caused by viruses from the herpes group (including the well-known Epstein-Barr virus). Herpes viruses doze in the body (their den is in the nerve nodes of the spinal cord) and do not interfere with its normal functioning. But against the background of the same acute respiratory viral infection or influenza, herpes viruses sharply “come to life”. And they give a picture of the "fall of immunity":

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Fashionable analyzes as a way to "honestly take money"

There is one more fashionable now (and not cheap) little thing - the "test for immune status", which is often sent to complaining about "reduced immunity." According to an allergist-immunologist Professor Yuri Smolkin:

- “Test” can be for pregnancy or for a specific allergen. One test for immune status is not possible. And not needed. It makes sense to determine the immune status in patients with suspected severe violations in the immune regulation - with primary immunodeficiencies.

All other cases of a general definition of immune status with a large number of indicators are not advisable and are one way to get money from the population. And then such figures begin to "treat the analysis."

A competent doctor prescribes accurate studies of specific indicators, suggesting a particular violation.

In a good half of often sick children, for example, the problem of persistent colds is not in “bad” immunity, but in an unrecognized allergy. To find out, it is enough to take a blood test for immunoglobulin E and make skin tests.

Do immune stimulants weaken the body?

When pathogenic bacteria and viruses penetrate into the blood, blood cells - lymphocytes - begin to produce protective antibodies. These proteins are the weapons of our immunity - they attack the "invaders" and enter into battle with them.

Elena Milovidova, immunologist:

- We are accustomed to attribute any ailments to a “decrease in immunity” and immediately purchase stimulants from the pharmacy. In fact, problems with the body's immune response arise in serious cases - after surgery, implants, aggressive antibiotics.

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Methods to strengthen the immune system: drink tomato juice and gnaw apples

1 Carotenes, from which vitamin A is synthesized, and vitamin E are the best protection for thymus cells (thymus gland). The higher their concentration, the more successfully this organ is able to fight microorganisms. The spleen also produces protective bodies and should be protected from harmful substances by antioxidants such as vitamins A and E. Provitamin A is found in carrots, spinach, rose hips, vegetable oils are rich in vitamin E. The World Health Organization recommends eating two tablespoons of olive oil per day. .

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What is immunity and the causes of decreased immunity

Our immune system consists of several organs. It:

1. Tonsils and adenoids.
2. Thymus gland - thymus.
3. Lymph nodes.
4. The spleen.
5. The appendix.
6. Peye records in the intestine.
7. Bone marrow.

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