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But where does the fatigue and pale look come from?

Professor Yuri Smolkin says that often the cause of weakness, lethargy, pallor, frequent colds is a smoldering focus of an untreated infection or a latent allergy, which, especially in young children, often lies behind incessant rhinitis and laryngitis.

Also, recent studies have shown that chronic fatigue syndrome in 50% of cases is caused by viruses from the herpes group (including the well-known Epstein-Barr virus). Herpes viruses doze in the body (their den is in the nerve nodes of the spinal cord) and do not interfere with its normal functioning. But against the background of the same acute respiratory viral infection or influenza, herpes viruses sharply “come to life”. And they give a picture of the "fall of immunity":

- seemingly unreasonable fatigue, inability to concentrate, memory impairment, nervousness and irritability over trifles, sleep problems, frequent headaches, decreased sexual desire.

And in order to know exactly the cause of the infection, you need to take a general blood test, and a virus test. If the “viral theory” is confirmed, antiviral drugs are needed (for example, based on acyclovir, which is active against herpes viruses), multivitamins, anti-stress agents to normalize the emotional background.

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